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Saivapragasa Vidyalayam was inaugurated by honorable Mr. S. Kandiahpillai in 1908. At that time, the school was at the Sithivinayagar temple.


In 1912, the school was moved to its current location, under a hut with thatched roof. The school was built to its current stature in 1924.


Today it has grown into a multi-story building and a noted school in the region. It is a type 2 school tutoring students up to the G.C.E Ordinary level examinations. Students of Saivapragasa Vidyalayam are also well trained in classical dances, social studies and science. Prominence is also given to physical education and sports at this school.


Quite consistently, the school produces good results in the public grading examinations for the grade 5 students.


The school has a staff of 22 teachers and has approximately 500 students.

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