Let’s step into Moolai’s courtyard



The Jaffna peninsula is often likened to the `head’ of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. In the same comparison, one of the eyes would be where the bonnie village of Moolai lies. Moolai is 12 km North West of the city of Jaffna. Two main roads – Ponnalai Road and Mavadi Road – traverse Moolai. Moolai is flanked by Vaddukoddai to the South, Tholpuram and Chulipuram to the East and Ponnalai to the North.


Vathiranpulo Sitthivinayagar temple & Vathiranpulo Mutthukumaraswamy temple

Piety and holiness is induced to the village by the many Hindu temples and the famous churches. Historians tell us that beetle leafs and grain were once actively cultivated in Moolai and exported out. Moolai’s fame extends into the Sivan temple in Chidambaram, India. A huge bell donated by a well-wisher from Moolai still stands tall in this famed temple.


Paddy fields near Iyanar Kovil

The vast green fields and farm lands well illustrate the agricultural activities in Moolai. These fileds are well irrigated from the many ponds scattered around the village. They add a natural beauty to Moolai.


People from all walks of lives have lived and continue to live in this village. The traditional farmers, teachers, poets, doctors, musicians, lawyers, artists, Ayurveda medical practitioners, to name a few.


A long standing, and iconic, structure is the Moolai Cooperative Hospital. Many a famous doctors have served here to look after the health of the people of Moolai and the surrounding villages. There are schools in Moolai for the young ones and libraries to spend quality reading times. Moolai also boasts good sports clubs which are often the envy of others in Jaffna.


Come, join us in Moolai’s courtyard and help make it even better.

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