Moolai Road improvement

There are speculations that the Road Development Authority (RDA) will be focusing on the road between Jaffna and Karainagar.


You may wonder on which of the several roads that connect these two town. We believe it is the one via our beloved Moolai, in particular, the one running in front of the Vinayagar temple. For those who know/remember bus routes, it is the 782 route.

782 bus by the temple


This project is to commence some time in the 2013 year.


As with everything, this has its share of pros and cons. We will have a smooth road traversing our village, making access to parts of Moolai better, especially to the Hospital. When the road is completed, Casuarina beach is going to be a 20 minute motor bike ride, or less!!

Casuarina beach, Karainagar



The downside, however, is that some landmark sites and locations may have to be adjusted or sacrificed in making way for the road.

The tree by the temple


Only time will tell.

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