Victory Sports Club in JPL


The New Year brings good news and opportunities along with it.


Our Victory Sports Club’s request to participate in the Jaffna Premier League (JPL) has been approved. This inclusion is based on the club’s popularity and the sporting strength they have showed in the region. While this adds to the club’s schedules with the existing Jaffna District Cricket Association (JDCA) matches, it is a welcome addition.


Being a first year team, Victory would have to participate in a qualification round. Six (6) other teams to play in this qualification round have been named and the games would commence on the 5th of March 2013.


The announcement about the inclusion was made by JPL on the 27th of December. Team meetings are already underway, in spite of the terrible weather conditions in the region, to work out the details and strategies.


Thanks to electronic media (SMS, Viber, Skype to name a few), this exciting news has already gone out to the many colleagues and friends of the club residing abroad. For many, this news has further spiced up their holiday season. In return, quite a number of well-wishers have pledged support for the team, with equipment and funds. Victory Sports Club would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude for this generous gesture.


You too can do the same. Your used equipment may be far better than what Victory club has now. If you received a new cricket bat or pads this Christmas, then you may consider sending your older equipment to Moolai.


Addition to the schedule means more practices, more travelling, more catering, etc. You can make financial pledges to help tide the team over these expenses.


Please email on how you can help. One of the club members will respond back to you directly. Any kind of encouragement is welcome at this time. You can also send your good wishes to the same email address.


We, the Moolai Website Admin team, certainly wish the team good luck and we will be doing our part in publishing the news and results of their games as we get notified.


Go Victory, Go!!

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